Overseas excursions

The club has a tradition of organising a sailing excursion overseas every year and in recent years the direction has generally been the Mediterranean. Participating doesn't require previous sailing experience.


  • I've never sailed before, can I still come with you? Yes, definitely. There will in any case be enough skilled sailors on board. This is an excellent opportunity to learn how to sail.
  • Will there be anything else than sailing? Sure. You will see small towns on islands and pretty lagoons out of the reach of mass tourism.
  • What are the yachts and accommodation like? The yachts are large, well-equipped rental yachts. The high quality equipment includes hot water and shower, among other things. Accommodation will be in cabins of two. The cabins are of high quality as well, so there is definitely no need for a sleeping bag.
  • How about the expenses. How does that work? Obligatory shared expenses will include breakfasts and lunches on yacht and port fees and other expenses on the yacht. These will most likely be under 150 euros per person. The exact sum is of course impossible to predict and the expenses will be shared evenly after the trip. You can influence your own expenses mainly concerning the dinners at restaurants.

    Turkey 2016 autumn (Two yachts full but you can still enrol for reserve)


    Unfortunately information about past excursions is only in Finnish

    Greece 2015 autumn

    Croatia 2014 autumn

    Italy 2013 autumn

    Spain 2012 autumn

    Spain 2011 autumn

    Greece 2010 autumn

    Greece 2010 spring

    Greece 2009

    Croatia 2008